The Filipino term for "Please".
Pass me the rice, pota.
Pota, could you move a little to the side?
by tehcheese November 02, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for "Phlegm of the Ancients." Bloody mucous expelled from the nose or mouth, the result of an infection or of overlong worship of an Outer God such as Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, or Nyarlathotep.
Guy 1: What is that?!
Guy 2: I just blew my nose. It's Phlegm Of The Ancients!
Guy 1: I'm setting up a POTA containment zone!
by KFooLoo October 18, 2009
Bengali term meaning balls.
lathi dia pota fataye dibo!
by AQ December 27, 2005
Same as "puta" but due to d use of profanity or abusive words or phrases, in any language, it is strictly prohibited during chatting with other players and in the creation of Character Names or Guild Names in online games. Players deemed to have violated this policy are subject to sanctions and may have their Character Name or Guild Name changed without prior notice like in the famous "Perfect World" on-line game. There is also a built in program that recognize certain foul languages and banning them completely or "x-ing" them. Filipino Players found a way to use certain foul languages thus evolving them from the word "puta" to "pota" or by using a numerical symbol "0" (zero) to the word "pota" to "p0ta".

(Chat Room):

- Puta ka ibalik mo sa akin yan!!!
(Fuck you, give it back to me!!!)

*the program recognizes the word thus replacing them with...

- ***a ka ibalik mo sa akin yan!!!


Philippine On-line Gamers:

- Pota ka ibalik mo yan!!!

*the program does not recognize the word allowing it completely to be entered

- Pota ka ibalik mo yan!!!
by Myk_Crypt April 25, 2008
pota stands for P.iece O.f T.he A.ction or O.f T.he A.ction either or...sum1 hu's a pota is sumone hu interupts conversations, hangs around ppl and pretends to know wat the're talkin about, follows ppl, tags along, when pp say stuff the're like "yeh me 2!" or "i like that too " when in reality they dont or dont know wat those ppl r talking about...pretty much the're like a poser..yeh
"go away u pota"
"man shes such a pota"
"dont pota in u loser"
by unstable child October 30, 2005
1.) a shortened form of potato
2.) according to cammie and maura, a freak
Look at that pota, she is such a poseur!
by Little Foot May 25, 2004
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