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2 definitions by AQ

Bengali term meaning balls.
lathi dia pota fataye dibo!
by AQ December 27, 2005
An attention- deficit, loquacious, hormonal human being who habitually makes ill informed decisions about life in general. They typically show little hope of maturing past puberty and frequently state the obvious. That their intelligence should reflect in their actions is a common misconception.
Bob McDouche: "I saw some seventeen year old kid get in a car wreck today. He hit a parked car."
Fred Cuntwaffle: "Oh yeah?"
Bob McDouche: "In a parking lot."
Fred Cuntwaffle: "Huh."
Bob McDouche: "Which only had two other cars in it."
Fred Cuntwaffle: "...Really."
Bob McDouche: "Yeah. How is that even possible?"
Fred Cuntwaffle: "He's a teenager. Anything's possible."
by AQ November 20, 2005