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The act of constantly posting on Facebook - checking in places, posting pictures, updating status. Seen most often after a break-up when trying to appear happy and normal. Also common when on vacation.
After she broke up with John, she was so posty, trying to make him jealous.

He was so posty on vacation, we didn't even want to hear about the trip when he got back.
by Lucky#7 July 01, 2013
Someone that over posts on a messageboard or posts new threads constantly. Usually associated with hyperbole and !!!!!!!! - i.e. bloodbought.
Bloodbought is really posty.
by checkplease February 09, 2008
A word used by the upperclass RPers at Fire Emblem Planet Forums. Often used as a cute way of saying, "Post in the RP, you loser!"
k00r00, plz posties in fite?!?!?! =)
by KuruChan April 11, 2005
mullet. Post men grow their hair like this so that their necks don't get sun burnt.
Man, check out the posty on that squiff zeph mother fucker!
by worm September 19, 2003
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