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the day after your actual vacation
Dude, I'm so bummed to be back from my trip that I can't work today. I need a postcation day!
by Tasha_OC March 15, 2010
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A portmanteau of "post" and "vacation". In message boards and forums, when a person or group of people who had been posting in a particular thread quite a lot suddenly or slowly stop posting for a period of time, usually with no explanation. During postcations, threadjacking may occur, but is usually crushed by forum moderators.
xxxKewlGai1132xxx: Hey, I haven't seen MeatMuncher521 in this thread for a while.

NotaNEWb: Oh, yeah, he and ShadowXcool are on postcations.

xxxKewlGai1132xxx: Awesome! Threadjackin' time!
by Aruscio August 23, 2010

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