The wrong spelling to the word 'poseur.' Meaning a person who pretends to be something they are not.
"I'm so skater with my DC shoes and my walwart skateboard, althught i really do not know how to skate."
by Dish.Soap June 03, 2005
everybody according to someone. in reality a poser is someone who pretends to be someone they are not. only acting a certain way because they want to be accepted. the problem is someone is going to call you a poser no matter what. the term has lost all meaning really. i once heard a jackass call marilyn manson a poser. really? who is he trying to be if not simply himself? so in short everybody is a poser apparently.
bob: have you listened to the new gwar album?

jack: you like gwar? you're such a poser.

bob: you're a fucking idiot. why do we even hang out?
by JONNYNEKRO April 23, 2011
someone who spells the word poser, "poseur" is a poser.
I am an elitist snob and look down on you because you didn't spell the word poser as 'poseur".
by cybermaldonado February 27, 2010
Since punk began, a poser could be defined variously as somebody who thinks Avril Lavigne is "punk," goes to Warped Tour to see Yellowcard while ignoring The Damned, is straight-edge for all the wrong reasons, identifies as punk but is scared of the pit, listens to emo convinced that men with slicked-down bangs and lyrics about trivial high school crushes are huge emotional dramas, etc etc... While the term is useful in delineating false punks from those who truly make the effort to live a DIY lifestyle, ultimately, EVERYBODY is a poser, especially anyone who preaches tolerance while judging what's punk and what's not, makes arbitrary judgments based on a zine's recommendation, or god forbid, looks up punk terms online.
Get real, poser!
by Skeezer1991 May 10, 2009
a poser is a person who dresses a certain style,listen to a certain genre just to fit in with a crowd when they are the complete opposite. A poser is also a person who labels themselves and other people. A poser is also a person does something just to impress a certain person or certain crowd.One who isnt true to themselves. Fake peoplee
dude1:yoo Im like so freakin eno

Dude2: wtf, do you even know what emo is

Dude1:yeah its a ummmmmmmmmm (idk)

Dude2:omg you're so fuckin stupid...emo is a freakin genre you dumbass

Dude1: whatever i think its super cool..i like the music

Dude2: ok name one band thats emo

Dude1:umm (dead silence)

Dude2:my goodness, ur such a poser
by the world sucks February 25, 2009
one trying to be what one does not know anything about. emos are commonly called posers. nobody says anything about the random dorks who buy purses from american eagle its always the kids that try to fit in with a group that is frowned down upon that get called posters. Posers try hard to be something so that they will be excepted i have a certain amount of sympathy for such people and yet they still piss me off. posers are also known as nobodys, wanna be's, never has beens, clueless, shameful, and or misserably lost
example:Jess is such a "POSER",yesterday she was wearing faded blue jeans and a babyblue t-shirt, today she is wearing tripp pants and a my chemical romance t-shirt, she has a thick layer of eye liner under her eyes, i wonder what she's trying to prove,what a "poser "
by J_ennife_r January 27, 2009
One who acts like someone they are not and tries really hard at it, usually to fit in with a specific group. Also, someone who says they are part of a certain group, but really acts alot like they are part of another.
Jordan was like "Yo yo yo im madd rocker yo my favorite song is im so hood! and my ringtone is YAHH TRICK YAHH!" hes such a poser.
by Alex D 311 May 05, 2008
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