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a person who acts fake just to fit in. now dont get me wrong, some people will be hipocritical and asume that your a poser even though some people arent. NOTE: just because u wear black does not automaticly make u a goth poser!!!!! so stop being the person who goes around judging people just because of there personality >_>. the word poser gets misused now a days. if someone comes in and wears a mcr band shirt and never herd of the band. thats a poser! but if a real person comes in with an mcr shirt and gets callled a poser than people are just being hipcritcal bitches. X_X. dont be to quick to judge someone cause ull never know if there posing or not. BUT if u know for a FACT they are posers than go ahead :)

poser:omg! I HATE MY LIFE, I should just go cut my self in a dark corner of my room.
poser:because my mom wont let me buy a flyleaf shirt. lol
person: whats your favorite song by them?
poser:umm uhhh i think umm uhh... well i like all of them lol
person: 0_o ok? your such a poser go get a life
poser: iam so not!!! go to my myspace page. i have pictures of my cuts. so ha. theres proof


hipocretic bitch: hey wats up?
person: nothen much. just got back from the devil wears prada concert. u?
hipocretic bitch: you such a poser!!
person: wtf? how does that make me a poser?!?!
hipocretic bitch: it just does
by 55554444333322221111 April 29, 2010

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