Not really a word that can be defined. I mean, freaking come on, I can call anyone a poser. Emos say kids that don't 'Really have problems' aren't truly emo, when they don't have any effin problems themselves! (Honey, if you're buying all your clothes from Hot Topic, then you are well off.) The way you dress doesn't make you a person! How can you really be a poser with a bunch of made up definitions based on how people dress and what music they listen to? Seriously, grow the fuck up and leave this shit on myspace.
"lyk omg, she is such a poser!"
"No offense, I saw you wearing the same eyeliner yesterday, and you don't have anything to cry about..."
by Krea December 25, 2007
a poser is someone who is tryhard and trys to be something they arn't!! For example when somebody hears a song on the radio for instand i write sins not tragedies by panic at the disco and starts saying OH I LOVE PANIC AT THE DISCO i say whats your favourite song they say oh i write sins not tragedies!!! that is soo poser like...they are trying to be like veryone else they have no idea what there other songs are but decide they love them cause ov there mainstream song on the radio!!!
POSER:oh AFI is my FAVOURITE band right now!!
NON POSER(someone whoes been long time fan)whats your favourite song?
POSER: oh miss murder
NON POSER: DUH its the only freakin one on the radio!!!
by emoly September 22, 2006
someone who does something to appear cool or fit in, normally into some sort of clique
poser: hmmm i want to be different and unique... how can i do that... i kno i'll turn goth/skater/emo (etc)
next day...
poser is wearing all black/skate brands(eg vans as they are most popular in "fashion")
poser copies what other peopl are wearing and doing, may brag about how depressed they are. also calls themselves what they think they aparantly are and hang out with the people who that think are goth/skater/emo, then stops hanging around with old friends as they are not in the same "clique" they are
months later...
relises that clique is not "in" or cool anymore
example - poser: hmm..."goth" isnt cool anymore...i know i'll go emo!
next day completly changes clothes, puts on a fake personality to fit their new found clique they can copy
may start saying say things like:
'why have you done up your laces, i know no one who ties them up. they just tuck them in their shoe' (they, themselves have just left them dangling out to look "cool". then they fall over and smak their face on the ground haha stupid poser!!!)
if they think theyre skater they may wear converses although theyre the worst shoe to skate in and ive seen little girls who like pink to fat old men with no hair wear them so i have no idea how they became "skater"
Poser: hmmm... skater is cool right now..(dresses all in skate rand clothes etc) yeah! now im skater
but when they actually try skateboarding... they give up after 3 days because they dont like it, but still go around telling people they skateboard so theyll be popular.
by pillowcase August 05, 2006
A word for people in high school who are idiots. They don't know what they are talking about, and when you ask them a name of a song from a band, they cry and cut themselves because they don't know what they are talking about.
"I like Sex Pistols. No, I don't know any songs...Yeah... I'm a poser."
by Eneishi July 15, 2006
Calling someone a poser is:
1) a right of passage for all "emo" kids
2) stupid... no one truely thinks for themselves anyway, even the most "original" probably got it from someone else and/or someone else has already done it
3) equal to myspace, everyone is doing it because everyone else is doing it, and now we are stuck doing it
1) c'mon kid with your hair over one eye, you knew you were in when someone finally called you a poser...
2) "That kid is such a poser" oh wait... was I conforming to everyone else's standards by saying that?
3) no explaination needed
by TheSenseMaker June 25, 2006
Any 8-12 year old child that says they are mosher/punk but are infact stupid little fucktard ass brains.
close your eyes
imagine there is a 3 1/2 to 4 foot midget sitting at the local hindu temple,(imagine your hindu please! be open minded, it can be quite fun, sometimes we celebrate christmas) sat there huge teeth, hair in huge flick, sat in a slipknot hood going
"Oh, year Galaxy 105 is well phat, Akon is ace! i heard slipknot on it yesterday!"
by Tesh May 23, 2005
could everyone please shut the fuck up calling people posers. its just obnoxious. dont criticize others for where they shop, look like, live, listen to, etc. there are some groups of people i dont like, but i wouldnt call them posers (in my opinion). smoke up and geddalong!
person1:omfg, there sucha POSER going into hot topic, they think there punk/goth/emo/scene/other social group i cant think of
person2(me):hey can you shut the fuck up? thanks :)...*proceeds to head to wawa*
by my first pseudonym was taken.. August 12, 2010
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