i willl admit i hate asslee simpson and people who pretend to be punk but all they care about is seeing how many TV screens their face will be plastered on how many teenyboppers will buy their clothingline and who they can hook up with they think if they act mad and wear black they are punk its not about what you where or fashion its about the music!!!!!!!
if you care about the music and nothing else you wont give a shit who calls you a poser cause you aren't unlike those suck ass pop singers who dont have real voices or who cant even play an instrument to save their life!!!!!!!!!!!! you suck hilary duff!!!!!!!!

a POSER is something that i dont think anyone can really define because people have their own views and oppinions on it i mean all these so called punks or whatever say oh if you listen to this band you are a poser
well what makes them not posers?
what they listen to might get them labeled as posers by other people too

also if you just started listening to a band after their most recent record people consider you a poser but i dont get why they do this i mean obviously there was a time when they had just started listening to them! and when will these "newbies" be considered die-hard fans like the people who lord it over them now?! some people dont have access to the resources needed to know about a band the second they form and start performing it seems like alot of the time people calling other people posers is just being stuck up and snobby and most of the people doing the "name calling" are the people who try to "rebel" against snobbyness i mean do you have to shop at hot topic to not be a poser? but wait hot topic is for "posers" so i mean we are all entitled to our own point of view but in the end we are all just posers
and when a band makes an album that is popular and makes alot of money why does that make them SELLOUTS? their so called "fans" should be happy that they are successful i mean are you so selfish that you cant stand other people listening to the bands music get over it you cant control it and if they do stupid advretisements or what ever its not their fault its their PR peoples fault!!!!! i willl admit i hate asslee simpson and people who pretend to be punk but all they care about is seeing how many TV screens their face will be plastered on how many teenyboppers will buy their clothingline and who they can hook up with they think if they act mad and where black they are punk its not about what you where or fashion its about the music!!!!!!!
person 1-i wear black and converse now im punk
person 2-what do you listen to?
p1-ashley simpson
p2-get out of my sight and go fuck your self

the music is what matters so shut the hell up
musicians are hot!
by xxalone in my grey mindxx August 06, 2005
The biggest poser is the one who walks around calling everyone else a poser
posers punk: "dude greenday is so fake, listen to the casualties..i bet you dont even know anything about anarchy"

greenday kid "yes sir i will go out and listen to the casualties and one day become just as lame as you"

they have the arguement while the actaul punk goes to a local show and enjoys himself
by TribalSkull078 August 14, 2007
A poser, often, is said to be a person who decides that they need to be more different, realizing that they really arent thay great. This poser then goes to the next show at the skate park and attempts to hardcore dance. They fall and hurt their head on the table.
Poser: Yeah...you indie kids are pretty cool.
Indie kid:.....okay...?
Poser: this band is pretty intense, i have their CDs and shirts at my house. I wrote all their lyrics on my wall.
Indie kid:...well....they're local...not signed...don't have a CD out yet, and instrumental.
Poser: Oh. Damnit.
Indie kid: Oh, posers...i enjoy you so.

The poser then leaves the show.
by Andrei M. May 26, 2007
A word that only posers use.
"That dude is a poser". :::looks at self and realizes that's me::::
by Evan May May 31, 2005
1. (adj.) one who steals or copies another person's ideas, thoughts, words, or actions and attempts to pass them off as their own.

2. (adj.) someone who pretends to be of a certain group of people in order to become more popular, look cool, or fit in.

3. (adj.) a sorry sucker who is only believable enough to fool themselves and the other poor bastards who fall into the same category.

4. (adj.) a human being with low self-confidence or high levels of immaturity who believe that by living a lie, they will be able to redeem themselves for who they trully are.

The usual lot of posers nowadays include anywhere between tween, pre-teen, and teen. They are made blatantly identifiable by there over the top make-up, hair, costume, action, and 'persona' developed in order to insinuate themselves into whatever category the poser is attempting to infiltrate.
An official dead give-away for a poser is the afore mentioned appearance. But one of the most tell-tale signs of a poser is the fact that they really have absolutely no idea about whatever it is that they are trying to imitate. Simply, they have no understanding of it, and fly by on the bare-bones of knowledge they have probably gathered swiftly over the internet.
Demi Lavato

Selena Gomez

Avril Lavigne

Miley Cyrus

the whores of tween/pre-teen/and teen sets who think they can pull of the emo/scene/rock/skater/punk etc.,etc.,etc. look.

Poser: Like OMG, that new Tokio Hotel stuff is soo cool!

Non-poser: Um, I don't really listen to that. I'm more of a Lamb of God type of guy :D

Poser: ...........

erm, Paramore is like soo cool! Don't you think?

Non-poser: .... :/ Sure.
by icrylimabeans July 30, 2009
Someone who doesn't appreciate all of the good music from all different genres for it's musicalness and musicality , but instead only likes one genre only and latches onto that one genre in it's entirety , it's look , it's clothing , it's fashion , it's lifestyle , all in a feeble attempt to be seen as cool and to act like a snob and pretend they are better than someone else who's not into their narrow , shallow , narcissistic , superficial , artificial coolness.
punk idiot: I'm like so punk , I act punk , I dress punk , I look so fucking punk , and all I listen to is punk.
metal idiot: I'm like so fucking metal , I act metal , I dress dress metal , I look so metal and badass , and all I listen to is metal.
normal person: You guys are posers.Good music and bad music exists in all genres of music and you need to listen to more than just one genre of music. Besides if all you listen to is just one genre then you must be suffering from the delusion that everything in that one genre constitutes GOOD MUSIC which is impossible since every genre has it's share of good music and bad music regardless of how simple or complex the music is.You guys just don't want to have to think too hard (aw is thinking too hard?) and so you take the easy way out and latch onto one thing hard.Then you adopt the look and the fashion and the hairdo and the lifestyle and "pose" as that image and think that makes you all cool and badass.It doesn't.You're lame.Posers!
by Poser killer December 14, 2005
Is the kind of guy who pretends to be kind and sensitive but really he's controlling and he lies. He may even go to the extreme to start his own meetup group and say it’s for 20 and 30 year olds only…. but he is the kind of guy that really just wants to pick and choose who he likes and lets them into the group because of his extreme control issues. Mostly this kind of poser would include young single girls because he thinks they are not smart enough to identify a poser when they see one. Then he makes up stories to scare young girls into thinking 70 year old men are going to be fondling them and hitting on them in Frederick bars unless he they are part of his group so they run thankfully into his arms out of gratitude.

He is the kind of guy that played the flute in HS, and wanted to be Peter Pan as a child just to wear the tights. His only social outlet is his new group and it makes his cock really hard knowing he can control everything about it. He has no real substance and therefore it's hard to carry on anything but a superficial conversation with him. He clearly was breastfed too long and has deep love/hate issues with his mother.

His ultimate destiny will be to marry a really stupid hot-chick (don't forget looks matter to him) late in his life (but she'll be 25) that likes being controlled but after 8 years and 1 kid she'll resent his control and divorce him leaving him at age 40 and he won't be able to join his own group anymore.
Craig: You know the FNL group has 70 year old that hit on 20 year olds so I started this group to save them.

Random 20 year old girl: Oh Craig you are so wonderful! Let me hug you for saving me!!! Please take me home with you!!!


Craig: Mom, I'm so lonely and bored so I started a new group so I could play with peoples lives. It was fun until I took heat for it then I tattled on them to authorities who didn't really give a rat's ass......can I please be breastfed now?

Craig's Mom: Craig, even I know you are a poser. Grow up.
by craigsmom February 18, 2010
somebody from pelham, new hampshire who thinks their ghetto.
Dom Dumas is a poser.
by xxeatmeeeee January 11, 2009

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