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one trying to be what one does not know anything about. emos are commonly called posers. nobody says anything about the random dorks who buy purses from american eagle its always the kids that try to fit in with a group that is frowned down upon that get called posters. Posers try hard to be something so that they will be excepted i have a certain amount of sympathy for such people and yet they still piss me off. posers are also known as nobodys, wanna be's, never has beens, clueless, shameful, and or misserably lost
example:Jess is such a "POSER",yesterday she was wearing faded blue jeans and a babyblue t-shirt, today she is wearing tripp pants and a my chemical romance t-shirt, she has a thick layer of eye liner under her eyes, i wonder what she's trying to prove,what a "poser "
by J_ennife_r January 27, 2009
usually a female with dyed blonde hair (usually turns out looking orange and nasty) the chicks that look like they need to take a mad long bath are usually trashy. when their hair has more greece than a mcdonalds hamburger something isnt right. usually long dirty nails painted wild colors. has attendancy to wear leppard print although it doesnt match a darn thing. nascar t-shirts define trashy and so does camo in the middle wal-mart. if your are 9 months pregnant pushing around 4 to 5 other children (all by different fathers) and i can see your tramp stamp, you just might be trashy. if you wear bright red lipstick every single day and you usually have it on your teeth theres another dead give away. bright bright blue eyeshadow when you clearly do not have blue eyes also makes you look trashy. if you've dyed your hair blonde and i can now see 3 to 4 inches of dirty dark brown roots your might be trashy. if your husband/babydaddy is named after a nascar driver or is missing more than 4 teeth you might be trashy. if you need a magnent to find your belly button ring and one your way in you find another child then you might be trashy. if you carry yourself as a loud, rude, know it all, low life, peice of trash nothing and you have friends, its only because they think you can hook them up with drugs. if you take a pregnancy test every week you might be a piece of trash. if you let your friends peirce you at school you are not only stupid but you are trashy. you have more than 12 hound dogs and you live in the boondocks with a cousin, you are trash. if you have said "get er done" and been serious about it, then your trash. if you mess with other girls boy friends you are with out a doubt trashy scum. if you have a fake tan during the middle of winter and everybody knows its fake...your trash. in other words to sum it all up trash is somebody who doesnt have an ounce of self respect and you certainly do not have to be poor to be trash infact poor people are often very very classy people and money has nothing to do with being trashy (unless your making it in the wrong ways). its all about class and the lack there of
pam anderson is "trashy ", even though she has alot of money.
by J_ennife_r January 27, 2009
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