A poser is essentially everybody in High School who actually pays attention to fashion/studies how to conform to a specific group. Generally, someone who is socially awkward and/or physically unattractive gets called a poser when said individual tries to fit into a certain group, usually comprised of people who have been studying how to conform for a longer period of time. However, since all High School cliques are based on extreme superficiality, the word poser could apply to everyone in such a group. The idea that anyone is, in fact, a "real" punk/goth/hipster, etc, usually stems from how much dedication they have to putting together their personality. It's usually born from a psychological condition that has been impeded into their brain through corporate propaganda; more or less, the idea that you need to consume/conform on some level to have an identity at all.

When you are using external sources and symbols to define your personality, you are not actually being "real" in any sense, and that's especially true if the symbols have been given their meaning independently of yourself or peers. Peer pressure and conformity, of course, are normal adolescent behaviors, although teenagers take this to an extreme in consumerist societies (and corporations exploit this condition in teenagers as well, hence how important the word "poser" seems to be here on urbandictionary).

It should be noted, however, that some hipsters take this thought process deep into their twenties, and never fully mature past the point of making an identity out of secondhand symbols or processes of thought (although this behavior has more complexity and nuance to it, and has more to do with boasting of education obtained at a university level, and classism). There are an enormous amount of college graduates in western society with uniform tatse/clothing styles/mannerisms, with not only identical opinions, but identical expression of those opinions, and identical attitudes.

So, basically, "poser" is an Orwellian word, that instills fear into the minds of teenagers (and some adults), which in turn makes them consume/conform in an efficient manner to avoid being labeled as such. For corporations, this is one of many tactics that help to create a very effective society, where individuals place their own constraints instead of having those constraints come from a dictatorial system.
Kid A: Man, that kid is a poser! He doesn't even know any other Greenday albums besides "American Idiot"

Kid B: Well, you shouldn't be too proud of knowing Greenday albums in the first place, because they aren't a very talented band. I would say they are an embarrassment to punk, but punk was never anything special in the first place. It was all Malcolm Mclaren's ploy to sell clothing in London in the late 70's.

Kid A: Dude, you're faggot!
by a guy on the internet November 26, 2007
Sometimes spelled "poseur," a poser is someone who attempts to assimilate themselves into a particular group with the intent to be accepted, usually on a very superficial level. Often the individual has little knowledge of the group and may adjust their physical appearance, attitude, and philosophies accordingly, and use other tactics to convince members of the group into thinking that they are legitmate. Posers are generally of adolescent age, and usually outgrow this behavior in their adult years. Posers are found in every sub-culture, although they are commonly referenced within the punk, gothic and metal communities. Some bands are seen as "posers" due to their extremely commercial, accessible appeal, giving the impression that they are concerned with popularity and not musical creativity. The term is often incorrectly used to refer to someone who listens to popular music or is otherwise interested in popular social trends; it is not unless this person claims to be part of something while having no real familiarity with it that they should be labeled as such.
Poser: "Yeah, I'm totally into metal..."
Sub-culture tpye: "Really? That's cool. Like who?"
Poser: "Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, shit like that."
Sub-culture type: "Do you like any of the classic shit, like Venom, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Exodus, or underground bands like Morbid Angel, Darkthrone, Deicide, Obituary, stuff like that?"
Poser: "Who are they?"
by Cody richeson April 16, 2006
Is a person who conforms to the ways of society. Most of the time they call others a "poser." They usually copy another persons style, music, and entertainment; and then they fuck it up.
You know that girl sydney? Yeah the poser...
by John Michael Johnson November 21, 2005
Someone who poses. In other words, they stand in a certain stance in preparation for a picture, etc.
Hugh Heffner just recently picked my grandmother to be a poser for the December issue of Playboy magazine.
by The Insane White/Hawaiian Girl September 03, 2005
Kids that bring their skateboards to school.
Poser: Ya, I'm just going to walk to school with my skateboard and not ride is so people will think I'm a bad motherfucker.
by measingeneral June 29, 2012
Misspelling of poseur. And error usually made by an idiot that can't spell.
OMFGZ!!!! Ur lyk sucHHh a poser!!!!111
by Lily555 October 25, 2007
Someone who tries to be something they're not. People, you're only a poser if you make yourself one and most people who spend all their time calling others posers are the true posers.
Annoying Girl (shall remain nameless): You shop at Hot Topic? Poser.

Girl who wheres Hot Topic simply coz she likes the clothes: You used to shop there too before your loser friends told you to stop. So who's the poser here?
by Madeline N. March 17, 2006

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