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Short for poser mostly said by Los Angeles skater type people.
Trae is a posa
that skater kid is a poser
by kyl3xy69 April 14, 2008
Noun. Pack Of Smoking Asians. On a large American university campus, groups of native Chinese students gather in large numbers, chain smoking and yelling loudly in Chinese. Typically infest engineering buildings in groups of 3-10. Highly obnoxious and should avoided at all costs.
Yesterday there was a huge POSA outside the math building. There must have been 10 of them smoking and yelling in some terrible language.
by jnononon May 21, 2014
Piece of shit ass
Joe: I texted you earlier. What happened?

Mike: My POSA phone was acting up. I need to upgrade.
by 2014_chiguy June 05, 2013
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