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To fall unconscious whilst in the midst of penetration and then awaken later with no recollection of the event.
benson:did you hear about giles?
finley:oh no, he didnt pull another porteous did he? crikey!
by The LIbrarian November 08, 2006
1.) Portable Catholic Prayer Book

2.) Over-achieving curly haired biologist.
1.) "thats a lovely porteous!"
"why thankyou. I got it from Waterstones."
"why I shall simply have to go and buy my own."
"you can't, they've sold out."

2.) "helloooo. look at my telomerase."
by ibeaspoon July 27, 2010
Commonly used in Scottish Slang to criticizes one or more persons based on their manliness or lack there of. Since it is not used in any other culture, the usage has become almost non-existent. :(
Look at that Porteous, she really needs to man up
by Ed_Hale April 07, 2010

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