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In Spain and Argentina, a joint, pot.
La fiesta estuvo bien: no faltó cerveza ni porro.

The party was ok: there was enough beer and pot.
by jsg July 10, 2004
Brian Wilmeth, 12-credit mathematics student at Polytechnic University. Person who while possessing great intellectual potential, very little of it is utilized and most energy is distributed amongst a variety of tasks including but not limited to watching American Idol, eating, saving money, sleeping, and 'enjoying free time'.

Also known as muppet, Meiserstein, bushbill, bushmouth, Mupputo.
That idiot porro is listening to rap again!
by Kunal Shah May 08, 2004
a bush faced critter, indigenous to north-eastern america (primarily new york but sightings have been made in iowa). has an extreme predeliction towards little boys and large phallic objects. is known to enjoy: food, sleeping, and saving money. the porro is known to detest: girls, and being paid in pennies.
porro keeps trying to sit on that broom stick
by James Zuckermann May 23, 2004
A hairy creature, with green teeth and blue skin. You find these things in the ghettos of Tuusula, located in Finland.
Has been heard saying "Whineeeee!" and "I kick you bliiiiind!" (This last phrase sounds real good. I wonder who made it up initially, must be a real cool guy.)
Hey man, brush your teeth, or you'll end up looking like a PORRO
by Pusipusi :) October 06, 2003
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