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In Spain and Argentina, a joint, pot.
La fiesta estuvo bien: no faltó cerveza ni porro.

The party was ok: there was enough beer and pot.
by jsg July 10, 2004
A rimjob, kissing someone's rear sphincter.
Nada como un beso negro para entrar en calor.

There's nothing like a rimjob in the foreplay.
by jsg July 10, 2004
In Argentina, a blowjob.
No me dejes ir así: aunque sea haceme un pete.

Don't leave me this way! At least, make me a blowjob.
by jsg July 11, 2004
Mabelle is a series of high-rise housing projects in south Etobicoke in between Islington ave. and Kipling ave. on Dundas St. West. This area is regarded as Crip territory.
I'm glad I live in Mabelle, so I don't have to put up with peoples shit.
by Jsg July 23, 2012
In Argentina, a pimple. Usually it´s blamed to a long period of sexual abstinence.
No puedo salir de casa con este pornoco.

I can't go out with this pimple.
by jsg July 11, 2004
In Argentina, a roach (not the insect, you know what I mean.
Pasame la tuca.

Pass me that roach.
by jsg July 10, 2004
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