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Brazilian Portuguese for cum, sperm.
Also used as an expletive.
Me cobriu de porra.
He covered me with cum.
Que porra é essa?
What the shit/fuck is this?
by Contributor October 16, 2004
a great god, always up for any challenge, and known for being the biggest of bullies, wouldn't want to run into a porras on the street, definitely show no mercy. Also known for being great in the sack.
all i said was to get out of the way, and the porras really handed my ass to me...
by great green June 21, 2009
it's a slang for weed in some parts of italy. the word was used as the title for a song by "sangue misto" an italian rap group
hai della porra?- got weed?
by PIERF97 June 12, 2016
A large headed Mexican with an untimely manner for sudden erections, usually lasting around 5 seconds.
He had pulled a "Porras" in the club last night.
by ""K"" April 05, 2016
Slang term for a Portuguese person in South Africa. Possibly originated due to the expletive "Porra!" used by this community.
Hey, Porra! You coming to the braai this weekend?
by gladius August 24, 2012
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