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a microwave owen. Word invented in Wales for simplicity.
The popty ping has popped the popcorn.
by Jaran May 06, 2008
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A welsh word for Microwave, but its possibly the best welsh word ever.
Person 1: Hey lets make some popcorn!

Person 2:Yeah! But how?

Person 1: In the Popty Ping of course! Popty Ping for the win!

Person 2: That rhymes!

Person 1: Fuck you.
by wt95 November 03, 2009
A Welsh word for microwave.
Best word ever invented.

Some of the best looking popty pings have knobbles
Shell has a red popty ping.

Her popty ping has red knobbles.
My popty ping is making popcorn.
by joeking84 September 16, 2013

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