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Something of or equal in coolness to the Pope.
Whoa! That car is popetastic!
by wwacker September 11, 2005
describing or pertaining to an unforgivable mistake or sin such that not even the Pope can absolve you of, and he is the closest thing to God
If cheating on your wife is a cardinal sin, then cheating on your wife with several 13-yr old confused young boys is a popetastic sin.
by franklybaked December 26, 2011
Adjective, meaning:
Of, or relating to, high quality.
"Yo man that ecstacy is popetastic."

"Whoa dude, that Final Fantasy 7 video game was totally popetastic."
by Eric Norris March 29, 2005
When something (anything) is heavily influenced by, relating too, or about the catholic church and/or the Pope. Can also be used as a derrogitory term for when the catholic church (or any church) is griping for money. Usually used after a long, preachy sermon, or fund raiser.
Damn dude, did you hear Padre during the sermon today? He was going all popetastic on us. He must have asked for "heavenly contributions" a thousand times.
by Knews March 15, 2009
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