Pop music- n. Music that is, as the name suggests, popular among music listeners. Pop(ular) music can be anything really, dance, hip hop, rock, etc. Pop music also varies from country to country, and can be considered to vary even in different areas (what's popular in Midland, Texas may not be as popular in London, for instance...heck, they may even be the same sometimes, who knows). Popular music is not really a genre, but rather any kind of music that is spinning round and round the minds of consumers.
Elvis was popular in his time, so were the Beatles, Nirvana, COUNTLESS folk acts, and well, you get the idea. Popular music is just a term used to designate whats hot on the pulse of music. Just because a lot of people like something doesn't make it bad (not to say that I don't dislike some, if not a lot of pop music personally) because heck, maybe the collective consciousness can come up with some good ideas sometimes, eh? If you just listen to a band because it is not well known, or refuse to listen to a band because it is popular (God forbid you do both), then you are listening to music for all the wrong reasons, and should look into joining a secret club to satisfy your superficial desires to be "cool" because the cool folks just do whatever the heck they want, we dont care what the critics say, even if its good. Thats how cool we are. ;)
by The King of Californitopia December 27, 2005
Top Definition
The sound a dying mongoose makes from its anus as it dies
BOB - "Shit, is there a dieing mongoose in your living room?"
FUCKWIT - "no, thats my Britney Spears CD"
BOB - My eyes are bleeding....
by V.D Hurts December 06, 2003
the retarded form of song that offers no originality and is the result of corporation - backed, "singers," and writers. basically highly non - political\religious\profane because the people that make it have no balls
man MTV's becoming a pop music - promoting piece if junk
by ike November 15, 2003
gay music that 12yr old girls listen 2
pop music sucks balls
by Tim Jeske December 10, 2004
Probably the worst, most degrading music on earth. Simple, fake beats and talentless singers do not make for good music, yet this shit is eaten up by teenyboppers and the mainstream. The lyrics suck as well.
I refuse to listen to radio due to this pop music.
by Fairly Created October 07, 2008
The catagory with the fastest band deathrate ever achieved in music.
Backstreet boys got popular, then pow!
Spice Girls got popular, bickered among each other, sang on their own, then pow!
Britney Spears got popular, then pow! Shes a porno star among cyber-wienies!

This is the cycle of pop music. Don't be a pop artist, they'll love you, then they'll hate you.
by Chang Tan January 27, 2004
Musical noise which, when repeated over and over, is used as a tool to extract a profit from dimwits. Lacking the ability to categorize this rhythmic noise under any standard genre, record company executives have come to call it ‘pop music’ because they can convince some people it is popular and therefore must be worth listening to.
Don’t you just love pop music artists such as Britney Spears?
by D.B. Cooper January 08, 2004
Popular music. A collective genre, also referred to as Pop, Chart Music, Top 40, or Hits, it primarily focuses on wide circulation, sales and the marketability of the "artists" than on creative or artistic content. Pop can range from Dance, R&B, Rap, Country and Rock, but is generally the most "diluted" form of any genre it emulates. Pop songs generally have a 3-minute, hook/verse structure (although many ballads have made it to the charts) written for immediate likability, often written by corporate record label executives, and "pushed" by a front-person or people, commonly referred to as the artist or artists.
When initially identifying a pop artist, mass production and circulation are the biggest indicators. Check mainstream media/entertainment outlets, such as MTV, VH1, E!, Rolling Stone magazine, or the "New Releases" or "Heavy Rotation" section of the local music store.
by odl July 04, 2005
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