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The term for emptying a testicle.
she was so tight it only took me a minute to pop a nut
by LM August 06, 2003
when you sit on your njt at the perfect angle to hurt but not crush it- it ofte shoots out from under you
Hence "popping" a nut
I sat down and popped a nut. It hurt like a crazy mutherfucker!!!

I sat and yelled fuck!! Who knew today would be a bad day to wear boxers. Idk id pop a nut!
by A phish December 18, 2009
To work hard or strain yourself, often getting close to going past your physical limit
Hey thats pretty heavy. Dont lift it or you'll pop a nut!

Man my job sucks. My boss makes me work until I pop a nut!
by c-j-m September 08, 2006
When you pop either the left or right nut into somones ass.
Last night that chick was so tight when i popped-a-nut i couldn't get my nut out! :(
by Tyler B January 22, 2005
When a guy ties a string around his nuts and puts the other end of the string in the girls vagina. She then reverse digest the string and then poops the end of the string out. the guy then takes the pooped out string and pulls hard (still having the string attached to his nuts) popping his nuts into the girl. "Pop a Nut"
Whoa shit man, i popped a nut, or "Pop A Nut" in your girlfriend last night, i really hope your not mad.
by SpenceDaddy February 14, 2008
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