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Any particulate matter left over after flushing when one has defacated in a toilet.
You totally left an island of pooticles in my bathroom.
by Ham and eggs February 03, 2008
Airborne particles of poo left hanging in the air after a typically soft or liquid excavation.
"I went into a trap soon after someone had a huge dump and the pooticles were all over my face and up my nose"
by Rosco69 October 02, 2011
The floating bits and pieces left on the toilet bowl After a particularly messy dump. Common after a night of heavy beer drinking.
"After an epic dump, you're bound to experience pooticles lingering in the bowl, even with multiple flushes"
by Jenfa. January 10, 2013
Small shards of poo that get sprayed during a particularly wet fart.
I hate doing my husband's washing, his pooticles always skid up his undies.
by July 14, 2010
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