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when a man has anal intercourse with a women, then pulls out and she gives oral.
man, that girl turned out to be a freak when she wanted a poosickle from gus.
by dakevster July 22, 2008
A long and often delicious frozen peice of feces that is preserved in the shape of a cone.
Derived from the word icicle, it is similar to the idea of frozen matter being suspended above ground.
I was taking a shit in the cold and while I was forcing out a log it froze in mid air and turned into a poosickle. Luckily, my little brother was around to break it off and enjoy it as a mid-winter snack.

I'm so hungry... Can you grab me a poosickle out of the freezer. (Whisper) "Plus, I'm hungry for shit"
by G-Zus and The Clap April 09, 2005

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