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7 definitions by dakevster

a person who prefers anal sex, especially when it involves the de-virginizing (or taking of) a persons anus.
after growing weary of conventional sex over the years, Gus turned into an ass bandit.
by dakevster December 12, 2006
a person who takes a keen interest in exploring the deep space of anal sex.
turning away from vaginal intercourse, Gus decided to do some exploring and became a butt voyager.
by dakevster December 12, 2006
the accidental insertion of ones penis into the anal canal of a woman during sexual intercourse .
during their first romantic interlude between gus and sue, gus performed a butt blunder, and needless to say, their session terminated quite abruptly.
by dakevster July 25, 2008
when ejaculate and fecal matter mix in a womens anus after intercourse and the resulting excrement looks a lot like maple syrup
i bet that chick had the worst case of butt syrup after i unloaded my jiz in her ass.
by dakevster July 22, 2008
this refers to when a drunk girl is giving a guy fellatio and throws up on his member.
while receiving oral gratification from a drunk girl, Gus was the recipient of a pole slushy.
by dakevster December 12, 2006
when a man has anal intercourse with a women, then pulls out and she gives oral.
man, that girl turned out to be a freak when she wanted a poosickle from gus.
by dakevster July 22, 2008
a term used for when a female twirls her tongue around a mans penis (especially the knob) when giving oral or twirls her head around while a mans penis is in her mouth.
gus heard sue gave great head but when she turned out to be a baton twirler, he realized he found "a keeper".
by dakevster July 29, 2008