Low-class, underpriveleged people. You will find many poor people if you go to places such as Wal-Mart, as poor people seek discounted prices as they do not have much money. Poor people will wear brands such as Faded Glory, Wrangler, and other commonly available brands, and most likely will have no knowledge of brands such as Burberry, Armani, Gucci, Versace, and other nicer brands. They will often drive used cars, typically cheaper domestic cars or inferior foreign brands such as Hyundai, typically more than five years old. Severely poor people will have cars that are ten years or older and they might purchase second-hand clothes from stores such as Goodwill. Poor people will have inferior jobs and probably make less than $50,000 a year. The definition of poor varies by region. The poorest of people will live in trailers. With no means to live lavishly, poor people will often lead a simple lifestyle. Poor kids are often unpopular at school as they can not fit in with popular children. Sometimes also used by some people as a noun to refer to people they do not like.
Their clothes are not brand name, they must be poor.

Look at the poor people shopping at Wal-Mart!
by Kimson November 07, 2005
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One who has no money.

Charles Baker.
Baker, you're the poorest.
by Pimpin Delicious December 09, 2004
What everyone in the United States (Including Richy Rich) is bound to be if these gas prices don't stop rising.
Poor people, look out, because things are about to get a whole lot worse.

You too, Richy Rich.

by Wasabimoto July 10, 2008
To be poor is to have no money or not much money. and No means to fulfill anything you would like to do. Poor means relying on others to take care of you. Usually the poor have grown up underpriveleged and cant seem to break free of the cycle of poverty. The poor often get jealous of people who have means to fulfill their dreams and goals.
Poor shop at good will and salvation army.
Poor people have a hard time making ends meet.
Poor people cant afford a car, they take the bus.
by rmfkd September 20, 2007
To be poor is to be tired of eating Top Ramen for every meal of the day.
I'm as /poor/ as a mouse that's just had an enormous tax bill on the very day his wife ran off with another mouse, taking all the cheese.

If I eat Top Ramen one more time I will shit out an asian!
by Iceman Cometh March 09, 2009
"Poor, that word ain't no excuse! You know what it mean to me!
It means you Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly!"

by Gus Johnson January 29, 2008
To be Poor is to lack in the looks department, The money department or the goals department. To not be able to get anywhere because you don't have the means and you won't ever have the means due to your sorry situation in life and lack of intellect and brain power.
1. Poor overweight Autumn will never be rich because she dosen't have the looks, the skills or the brains. She's a common fat girl who wishes she could be beautiful and rich.

2. Poor Mike, his brain damage and other problems will never allow him to achieve any of society's goals. So he sits and sulks on his computer and waits for mom to cook him his dinner.

3. Poor Char, with the mentality of a gnat she will most likely end up scrubbing toilets.

4. Poor V, being an inept incompetent loser he will never achieve anything in his life and will sit on the computer stuffing his fat face for the rest of eternity.
by bheehehe March 27, 2008
Someone who has no money and has grown up in poverty. A girl who gets jealous of her richer and prettier aqaintance cause she grew up in the slums on the village.

Hates on everyone else's material possessions and looks because she has such low self esteem and can't get out of poverty.

Usually the whole family is in poverty and into drugs and incent.
That girl is poor and thinks she's your friend when she is just a charity case.
by mue3 January 05, 2009

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