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A strange character who shovels crap for a living for no apparent reason. The King of Town has hired him for a reason no one will ever know. He also always seems to have a creative Halloween costume.
(there is no example)
by A. Non February 15, 2004
Works for the King of Town and shovels whatsit. Has taken a vow of silence.
Spin N' Say:The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence.
by Homestar_fan June 23, 2003
A man the King of Town employed for reasons he cares not to disclose.
<StrongBad> Okay, Poopsmith. That's the worst costume I ever saw. I mean, you're Lazer-Tag? What, are you supposed to be dressed up as the product? Or is it more abstract that that, like you're supposed to be the concept of Lazer-Tag?
Come on man, you know you just found that old crap in a trunk in your basement.

<KingofTown> Ease off, Strong Bad! He's not the one that dressed up as a girl 2 years in a row!
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 11, 2003
A guy that shoooovels poo for the King of Town. Why the King of Town has it, we'll never know. The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence. Why, we'll never know that either. I think the guy accidently swallowed some of his wassit and vowed to never open his mouth again so he wouldn't have to taste the taste of his little poop pile ever again.
Its just the way the Poopsmith is. I mean, he shovels his poop, and collect things from people doing jumping jacks.
by Max T. November 27, 2003
The director of waste in Strongbadia. Reports to the King of town. Friend to Strongbad...don't know why.
by Schneed June 11, 2003
In Akron, OH there is a poopsmith. He unloads trucks and smiths poop. We don't like him, but we enjoy making fun of him. No vow of silence. Poopsmith out!!
Chris P. Smith
by Jo Brown April 05, 2004
Here we have a rare glimpse of The Poopsmith in it's natural habitat.
Pretty nasty if you ask me!
Oh, The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence.
I about to take a vow of throwing out my cookies all over this microphone!
How much is this thing worth anyway?Cause is about to be worth a lot less!
No for real, The Poopsmith is a good guy, he just has a crappy job.
So I see you still got your pile of whatzit there.
by Matthew September 03, 2003

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