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To cup ones fart and swiftly manoeuvre the cupped hand to ones nostrils (or the nostrils of another). Useful in deciphering the health of the bowel and the contents of the previous evenings dindins.
Tarquin: 'Bertie dear boy, my olfactory sense deciphers a hint of truffle in your poopascoop. I also note a forthcoming haemorrhoid.'

Bertie: 'Jolly good show, bang on Tarquers!'
'Oh, and please may I borrow your Preparation H?'
by loufoo December 21, 2011
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Origonally used by Amy and Vicki!
It's another word for swearing!
Ooooh poopascoop!
Instead of ooooh ****
by Amy-louise---x January 18, 2008
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