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simply to get a girl right in the butthole.
yo man i tried to get into the poop shooter with my girl last night and she fucking slapped me.
by josh510 July 13, 2009
A person who tells lies in order to impress others.
Man, you are such a poop shooter! Who in their right mind would believe that!
by Verno the Inferno December 04, 2006
Someone who likes anal sex above vaginal sex.
Joe ain't much on intercourse but he is one hell of a poopshooter
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
A paintball player who has two guns equipped in each hand who chases his team around while yelling "AhhhHHhhhh EEEhhhHhhHHHh"
Man Stan is such a doosh when he goes poop shooter
by Kitty Basher March 09, 2004
when a man has explosive diaria, the man will bend over and shoot his ferocious poop into a girls mouth then she gives him head and swallows not only the cum, but the explosive diaria. to add flavor he can squeeze him rectum to add blood to the expiriment
Nigel Carr did this to Sara Arnold, who both may have weiners
by Hue Jass May 09, 2003