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A word that can be used in any way possible. It's a word that doesn't mean anything, but means everything. It's a word that is "defined" by its contextual clues.
Boi1: Aye you poonkin?
Boi2: Aaayyyooo, poonker you tellin' me that i'm going to poonking poonk?
Boi1: Nah not poonk, but poonk.
Boi3: Aye, my poonk-masters what's poonkin'?
Boi1: eh, poonk.
Boi2: yea, poonk.
by Blumpkin_Huricanrana June 08, 2016
a word for an extremly big loser and if there last name ends with tompkins then it works perfectly becuase the end of tomp(kins) go in the word poon(kins)

also the word could mean the kid gets a shit load of pussy

ps. this word is VERY offensive to some people
hey there poonkins wat did u do all do , let my guess played card all by urslef

hey poonkins how much action did u get last night

by Mauss September 01, 2005
You are my one and only
I love you poonkin, forever and always poonkin, you are the reason I wake up every morning poonkin, you are what I live for poonkin
by yester199 August 20, 2011
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