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often used by jme,and also the title of his second cd,poomplex means wasteman or dickhead
person1-i hate you
person2-shh hut yuh muh,you poomplex
by djm0504 July 28, 2006
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Boy = I Wil Stick Up For U
gyal = Nah Allow DAht Ur A Poomplex
by lildollar July 29, 2008
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A person (usually male) that is confused about his sexuality
(English slang derived of carabian origin)

Poom: pussy, cunt, vagina, minge, snatch

Plex(ed): shortend word for Perplexed
If a male is being overly friendly with a person(s) of the same sex, You might refer to him as a "Poom Plex" or that he is "Poom Plexed"
by Greg Osborne (Rev) March 26, 2007
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The nether regions of homospaian, without the dingalings, i.e. the female species, a derogatory remark.
you are a great big fat poomplex.
by JME's brother February 20, 2008
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poomplex means pussyflex
plex=another word for flex

oi bruv i made er poomplex
by blakee boi March 24, 2007
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