n. pl. poo·mer·gen·cies

* A serious situation or occurrence that happens unexpectedly and demands immediate bathroom action.
* A condition of urgent need for bathroom action or assistance
* In plain english, when you have to drop the deuce so bad that you have to stop what you are doing to find the nearest bathroom…immediately
While shopping in Barcelona, Vanessa experienced such a severe poo-mergency that she dropped the shirt she was about to buy and immediately ran out of the store and down the street clenching her cheeks(with her hands) without leaving time to explain to anyone where she was going.
by lindsey greer September 24, 2006
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When you will crap your pants if you don't go RIGHT NOW, but someone's occupying the only toilet available.
"Dude, lemme in! It's a poomergency!"
by monkey_chakra May 31, 2005
A sudden, overwhelming urge to poop when there is no convenient bathroom. Poomergencies are known to occur frequently in shopping malls, while driving in the car, and at work.
I had the worst poomergency while walking my dog yesterday. I had to run into a random corner bar to use the facilities.
by Inthedoorwaylikeadream May 03, 2009
(adjective) an event describing the situation one finds ones self in when they require an urgent use of toilet facilities for defecation.
I was at work today and had a poo-mergency; now I have to buy new pants.
by Frankenbaround February 07, 2011

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