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The watery liquid that comes out of the mustard bottle if one fails to shake it vigorously.
Excuse me my good man, but your are getting musquirt all over my wife...
by philbad July 09, 2004
A very silly person or a normally serious person who for some strange reason is acting out of character via goofy remarks , comments, or actions.
Hey you silly fuck, stop eating all those paint chips!

Peanutbutter & motor oil does not make for a good sandwich, you silly fuck!

Listen, you silly fuck...if you think that grandma's tits are sexy then you should see her ass!
by philbad August 02, 2005
The act of totally and completely losing one's coolness and becoming a big dork in front of many people (also can be used as 'jumping the couch').
Tom Cruise lost his marbles and looked like an idiot when he jumped the couch on Oprah.

Timmy can't stop jumping the couch with all those fat sluts he brags about banging.
by philbad August 02, 2005
are we all forgetting this one?

2 in the beef & 1 underneath
give her 2 in the beef & 1 underneath and she will find you a smart fellow.
by philbad May 11, 2005
skull- 'et

A skullett is the stupid bald man's hopeless (& more hideous) version of the dumbass redneck's mullett.

Long and stringy in back, chrome dome up top. Nothing left to comb-over.
If you want to see a skullett in its natural habitat, go to any NASCAR event and enjoy...only don't make fun, as he usually only has an 8th grade education and is very drunk and has lost his ability to reason, hence thinking the skullett is a cool hairstyle.
by philbad May 18, 2005
Someone who is crazy about the poon.

One that is transfixed by the poon.

He who thinks poon is the greatest.

The poon's biggest fan.

I love that beautiful stinky poon.

Yes, I am a poongoon.
by philbad May 27, 2005
Beer induced ooey, gooey, watery, poo.
Not may chunks-n-bits at all.
Usually leaves the arse with much velocity.
Its all fun & games untill someone spills an entire bucket of liquid poo!

Britney Spears sprayed me with liquid poo, she's got good aim!
by philbad July 09, 2004
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