Rare species found in old dusty libraries or tropical rainforests. Has certain eccentricities.
by ** April 17, 2003
Top Definition
The prayer, to pray
I do pooja everyday in the morning.
by DRS2007 March 18, 2007
The most sexiest, hottest, gorgeous, popular girl. Very popular, may come off as a bitch to losers.
Josh: Damn! Stephanie's lookin mad sexy today. I wanna fuck her.

Dylon: Definatly, mad sexy ..i rate her a pooja.
by *unknown* November 20, 2006
adjective to describe the highest level of amazing
How good was the food? pooja good.
by ajoop January 22, 2007
a person who will always be there for you, and will love you no matter how many mistakes you make as long as you don't hurt her. is usually gorgeous yet not hot but is the best kind of friend you will ever be able to have.
i love my best friend, Pooja.
by bitter_sweet May 29, 2004
A grind move when 2 people grind 1 person in the center. It is usually done by a girl in the center with 2 boys on the outside or 1 boy in the center and 2 girls on the outside. It is very pleasurable.
"Hey Alexa, Want to go Pooja Jason."
by jason feinstein June 14, 2008
The term used to describe any person of Indian (subcontinental) origin. Can be found anywhere in large herds or wherever there are free giveaways.
"Damn, does it seem like all poojas are booksmart?"

"Hey yaar, look at that pooja sitting over there."
by Parth Solanki June 12, 2007

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