A pube coverd in poo.
"ewwwwww there's a poob in my yogurt!"
"you flippin poob head!"
"grrrrrrr there's a poob on the toilet seat!"
"hey! where's my pet poob gone?"
by Tom Carlyle December 28, 2005
The hair that grows around the anus.
Fuck! I got shit in my poobs!
by Harry Shwab March 06, 2004
A poob is a bum hair. Poo pube.
A shaved my poobs this morning.
by PoobMysterGeneral October 11, 2009
A short and curly from the perianal area.

AKA a butt hair.
That chick shaves her box, but has hella poobs.
by big steve! May 08, 2009
it is used to define someone who is a cross between a poo and a boob so in short poo+boob= poob.
"he is being such a poob" and "quit being a stupid poob"
by agent O' potty language December 11, 2012
the combined pseudonym given to two people, usually a pretend irishwoman and an american, who have combined forces in order to fight crime in 'da ghetto'.
person 1: "so what did you get up to last night?"
person 2: "well we were going to try and steal a llama but we got taken down by the poob"
by Shaniqua123 January 20, 2013
A dingleberry in your pubic area. Usually a result of anal intercourse with an individual of questionable hygiene.
"Look, baby, you probably shouldn't go down on me--I'm a little bit pooby right now."
by Y La Bamba October 16, 2009

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