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Particles of feaces that float around in the air directly after a particularly greasy fart.
That stinks! I can taste the poo particles already!
by homes1235 April 25, 2010
The very thing that is offensive about farting. It's the reason you can smell a fart, because it's actually tiny little pieces of poo floating around, ready to land on you. Or your food.
Person 1: Hey, who farted?
Person 2: Dammit!! I had my sandwich out, now it's covered in poo particles!
by ron burgendy October 12, 2007
On a molecular level, whenever someone chucks a fart you are inhaling their poo particles
I had a curry last night, poo particles were flying everywhere
by stuey_boy May 06, 2008
Pronunciation: 'POOO PAHHH-TA-CLES"

Airborne particles that are 'sprayed' into the air due to the flush of a toilet, causing the air to become polluted with people's 'poop particles'.
Ex. "She left her apple on the sink in the Ladies' room; now it's covered in customer poo particles".
by bostonpoo October 21, 2010