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Fuck Me Dead - Shortened and used in text messages or via instant messengers.

A way of expressing something.
FMD that's amazing
FMD the size of those
FMD where you get them?
FMD how much?
FMD you did what?
by stuey_boy May 05, 2008
On a molecular level, whenever someone chucks a fart you are inhaling their poo particles
I had a curry last night, poo particles were flying everywhere
by stuey_boy May 06, 2008
when one has to go do number 2's.
Hang on Tel, be back in a mo, gotta snap one off.
by stuey_boy January 16, 2009
The descriptive terms for a ladies 'puppies'
Check out the wobbly fun bags on her!

by stuey_boy February 06, 2009

The art of timing how long it takes you to chuck a turkey into the loo whilst at work... Taking you hourly rate your employer pays, you can work out how much you got paid to release the beast...

Hourly rate / 60 * Minutes on the bog = PPB
I threw a $25 PPB out today...

I threw a $25 PPB out today...
by stuey_boy May 17, 2008
When you or something else has breath that smells like an open sewer.
Oi Luv, get that dog chop away from me

That bloke has severe dog chop
by stuey_boy February 06, 2009
Reverse of a ball breaker. When a man gains revenge on the 'ball breaking' of his wife by giving her a hard time.
Geez, my husband is such a flap slapper.
by Stuey_Boy July 11, 2011

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