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when you do a shit and flush, but there is still some little flakey poo particles left. usually happens when your poo isnt well held together.
"when i flushed there were poo flakes and they slowly wafted to the bottom of the bowl like a snow globe!"
by masterofpooflake September 02, 2009
11 2
a flake of poo normaly found around the deepest corners of yor toilet seat normaly made by scottish people called euan kearney
" muuuum iv done some more pooflakes "
by Sam and cod October 14, 2006
8 1
also known as Arse dandruff and Butt crumbs

small specks of poo that fall down on to the toilet seat while wiping. Particularly visible on white toilet seats (but carpets do an excellent job of concealing them). Usually observed among those with hairy cracks and high-fibre diets.
Son: Dad, did Uncle Jim come to visit again?
Father: Yes, why do you ask?
Son: I saw some poo-flakes on the toilet seat.
by coazeau July 29, 2012
3 0