Poo is the brown crap that is expelled from thy rectum when you perch your hinie on the shitter
Melody dearest, I'm of to take a nice refreshing poo.
by bumfun23453453 August 04, 2011
Melted snickers which is often added into a glass of milk. D.A. Aniel created this drink in 1999.
I got the poo in the cup when im rollin the window up.
by bill 16 August 31, 2006
1. you all know... ie the was that comes out le derriere.

2. a great word to use instead of swearing. see calzoncillos.
weebl: lo bob. you going to the gig tonight?
Bob: lo weebl. it was yesterday.
Weebl: poo!
by mad sam purple'ead January 10, 2005
Meaning something was lame.
Damn, that weed was poo.
by twiztid420 October 20, 2004
something that comes out of your ass
"i done poo" said James

"Oh that was a nice crap" said Jen
by ben February 28, 2005
what you can say when you are really pissed or just cant find a word to express how you feel.
Poo! I cand find my electric toothbrush.
Poo on a stick! I had F***ing Freshman!
by crystal February 08, 2005
my fave. word! but anyways, its a greeting or exclamation.
poo! or poo!
by ematoad <-no def for! April 07, 2003

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