my fave. word! but anyways, its a greeting or exclamation.
poo! or poo!
by ematoad <-no def for! April 07, 2003
usually accompanied with "winnie the." ALso, used in Star Trek allot, when you poo and don't wipe good enough, you have a Klingon, more wiping is required.
Hey, do you have to poo.
Nope, just smells that way because of the klingon.
by jeff April 30, 2004
see pepsi
why you drinking poo?
by Coca December 23, 2003
1.the nickname of my friend vanni (aka vanni-poo)
2.the act of excreting solid waste (usually done into a toilet) insult, like calling someone an idiot
3.human wate
hey poo what took you so long to poo you poo, by the way there is poo all over your hands
by friend of poo October 16, 2003
poo fighter
He who fights the wrath of the violent poo with a sword
by poo-fighter July 25, 2003
v. what dirty sinners do.
n. what comes out of dirty sinners as concentrated sin.
Look at that poo.
by Jon December 27, 2003
poo iz tha meaning of life, poo makez da world go down. poo comez in all different shapez, colorz an sizez, JUS LIKE PEOPLE!!!
dis iz poopilicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my name iz poopendor
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