a) A person who likes to gouge, poke or prod his or her own, or foreign feces.

b) The ultimate insult
a) Person #1: "Ehysha pokes poo with really short sticks so it gets on her fingers."

Person #2: "Man, what a poo jabber."

b) Person #1: "I hate Elysha, shes a poo jabber who likes to jab poo."

Person #2: "Well said."
by Allanah Self-Righteous May 27, 2006
Top Definition
A homosexual - one who jabs their lover's poo with their knob while having anal intercourse.
Oh he's a definite poo jabber, i saw him eyeing that bartender.
by fanny munchaaahh September 19, 2010
A homosexual male. Commonly heard in Australia and New Zealand
Me and my mates beat up a dirty, little poo jabber because he was a dirty, little poo jabber.
by SpinxMeister March 23, 2006
someone who jabs poo (while still in the orifice)
gee, elton john sure is a poojabber
by poojabber March 21, 2003
gay sex, or anal sex. Usually used as a homo insult.
"dude, why are you wearing a pink shirt...poo jabber"
"me and billy had some good poo jabbing last night"
by sillysausage January 30, 2006
One who inserts their erect genital member into another counterpart's excretory orifice.
My special friend and I are poojabbers.
by trinity August 23, 2003
1. Someone who jabs at poo using there finger or other parts of the anatomy.

2. Ishmael

3. Sword or light saber of fluorescent poo used to jab at other humans.
When Ishmael saw poo in light saber form, ready to jab him in parts of the anatomy, he fled from the angry mob of poojabbers.
by Danny Watkins June 01, 2010
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