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A dead cock is the meaning for having a very sore penis. It can happen from the following.

1. Have sex so many times in 1 day.

2. Getting punched/kicked in the penis.

3. Masturbating a lot.
1. ''Hmmmm, oooowww. Fuck man! that bitch road me all night!''

2. ''I got the most deadest cock ever!, gorge is going around punching people in the cock, watch out dude.''

3. ''Wow, i never knew you could get a dead cock from masturbating a lot!, well fred don't try to wank(masturbate) 50 times in one day.I'll be out of juice the next month.''
fred: ''Hahaha, iv'e had that same experience before''
by adam096 December 21, 2009
It's a poor person (bum), that takes (scabs) the last bit off the cigarette (butt) with a tiny bit of tobacco left in it that people usually drop on the ground once they are done with it.
''Ah man, got to work for the rest of the week and i'm broke as hell, i might have to be a butt bum for the week''
by adam096 December 21, 2009
It's a man slut, that gets heaps of vagina.
''Charlie Sheen is a fish trawler''
by adam096 December 21, 2009
When a person places their two hands together and sneaks up behind someone, squats down and jabs their tip of their fingers up their anus through pants or whatever their wearing, causing the victim to have a saw anus.
Suspect: sneaks behind victim.
Victim: standing, talking.
Suspect: squats down and puts hands together.
Suspect: aims hands and jabs fingers up but
Victim: ahh, my ass(anus) is soo sore.
Suspect: Hahahahah
Victim: Fucking, poo jabber!
by adam096 December 21, 2009

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