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Often used in the British phrases 'poncing about' or 'poncing around', indicating that a person is acting childishly, dangerously or not being serious about the activity at hand.
Oi leave it out mate, stop poncing around, you could have someone's eye out with that stick.
#playing #dangerous #chidlish #stupid #silly
by Guillermo M P May 17, 2007
1.Slang for begging.
2.Going around giving oneself heirs,as though one amounts to something,ie:PONCING about
3.A fellow acting in an effeminate manner,the same as MINCING.
1."I was skint so I had to go PONCING up money for some booze."
2."Look at that tosser poncing around in his ford capri".
3."What a poncing gaylord."
by mugwump November 13, 2004
Used by a British friend of mine in the sense of dawdling, especially, engaging in displacement activities to avoid the task at hand.
Stop poncing about and get back to work.
#dawdling #puttering #diddling #fiddling #displacing #procrastinating
by FloridaWordsmith February 24, 2014
the sight of a guy wearing tight athletic shorts that totally show his package on the side, facing the thigh. Named after an RA at Florida International University.
1)Why did you look at him with that face?
2)Did you see his package? He was totally poncing.
1)Yeah, I noticed that too. But... I kinda liked it.
#ponce #poncing #fiu #ra #package
by PHResident October 06, 2009
to rape a woman, to force yourself upon her and rape her.
Maybe I'm old-fashioned, or sentimental about women or something-but I just can't stomach the idea of poncing at all. I've nothing but contempt, real, deep contempt, for ponces.
#rape #sex #fuck #bang #bump uglies
by bromandude November 05, 2007
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