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1) a state of dissolusion with the political system;

2) not wanting to vote for anyone because they are all shit.
"'All main parties want to suck the life out of us poor students! I'm feeling so politicold at the moment.'

'People say I'm apathetic, but really I'm just politicold.'

'All these parties are the same! I'm too politicold to vote.'"
by _sffan January 22, 2011
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When a democrat is in a room of republicans and the subject of politics comes up, and vice-versa.
Person 1: So now that the election is way past over, who'd you vote for?
Person 2: I voted for Romney, you?
Person 1: .....Obama....
Person 2-6: Wait what? You voted for him?!?!?
Person 1: (In head) Brrrr, it's about to get really Politicold in here...
by TheunknownXD April 14, 2013
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