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The act of having multiple USB cords plugged into your laptop/computer.
Bro: Dude, what are all those cords running into your laptop?
Broske: Idk, this one is connected to my phone, this is my headphones, and this one... This one shouldn't even be here...
Bro: Dude, that's a real computer Gang Bang you got going there.
by TheunknownXD June 15, 2013
When a democrat is in a room of republicans and the subject of politics comes up, and vice-versa.
Person 1: So now that the election is way past over, who'd you vote for?
Person 2: I voted for Romney, you?
Person 1: .....Obama....
Person 2-6: Wait what? You voted for him?!?!?
Person 1: (In head) Brrrr, it's about to get really Politicold in here...
by TheunknownXD April 14, 2013
The act of placing your smartphone next to your plate at dinnertime, whether actually texting someone or not, with the intention to brag about your smartphone, or because you feel the need to check the time every 3 minutes. Usually this is done by people of 16-25 years of age.
As if they had all previously agreed they'd do it, everyone at the table pulled out their Iphone 27s' and Droid R2-D2s, waved them around to let everyone know they had them, and set them down at the table to use for Cell Phone Silverware. The two crack heads in the corner were the only one's using them, and were checking the time every minute.
by TheunknownXD April 03, 2013

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