The use of various euphemisms when communincating with people that have a hard time dealing with reality. Generally associated with social superiority/inferiority when referring to gender, race, economical status, handicap, etc.

See also: political correctness
While running for president, the man was very politically correct, but after he was in office, he became very lude.
by Raziel Ja'Tier April 19, 2003
Made to not offend people, but actually creates a greater gaps between people of different races, religions, etc. It's actually worse than being racist, because it's the context of what your saying, not what you actually are saying, that matters.
Being politically correct was probably thought up by the KKK.
by Fantastic Dan November 21, 2005
something that the socialist bacterium consistantly aim to be in a debate to try and cover up the fact that they simply have no valid points.

politically correct people are usually self-righteous suck-ups who have nothing else better to do than make sure everybody knows how 'caring' and 'thoughtful' they are by trying to be overly polite when it is simply unnecessary.
victim: 'WHAT THE FUCK this black man just stole my car!'

politically correct policeman: 'you're under arrest because of racism - you're supposed to say 'man of a different superior culture' not the b word'
by TheFascist August 25, 2007
A bunch of bullshit. If you use the term African American your racist. a black person who is born in the U.S. is a black person. not an african american. it would be like calling every white person an european american. most ppl who try to be politically correct try to hard and just seem to be more racist than if they would have just said a black person or a mexican. bullshit
if you are being politically correct you need to stop
by justin centeno November 05, 2007
There is no background... It would just come out as several jumbled euphemisms. This is a term used to take a way from perfectly acceptable terms like "Indians", which is in no way racist, unless preceded by "fuck the."
The politically correct commandos managed to put up a gigantic menorah even though there were only 2 Jewish people out of 240 000 in the whole fucking town. TWO!
by Susurrus April 08, 2005
Something that is supposed to limit insult, but has become extremely over-emphasized by the left-wing half of the world to the point where it looses it's purpose.
Saying 3rd world country isn't politically correct anymore? WTF!?!? I'll call them "developing" when they actually start DEVELOPING.
by JBurton31 April 25, 2010
A phrase that liberals use to try and end prejudice. Will never succeed since all human beings have a dislike for someone or something. Sorry P.C. pussies, you can't change free will. Also see hypocrisy.
Al Gore wants you to be politically correct and treat the handicapped, minorities, and fags like they're special, after all, he wants us all to be equal-oh nevermind.

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