Methodology behind which junk mortgage backed securities were sold as AAA+ rated investments by Wall Street
Dilbert: Hey Trey! I've got this great idea about how to make even more money - we package up piece of shit mortgages as "investments".

Trey: Sounds like you'll be needing to polish a turd on that.
by ItsAJohnson October 11, 2010
Top Definition
To attempt to put a positive spin or light on something that is clearly shit.
Polish the turd all you want- that movie still sucks.
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
To describe something that no matter how much effort you put in to clean it... It will always be sh*t.
Boss: Deep clean the bleachers with soap and water.
Worker: Man, that's like 'polishing a turd'- regardless how clean we get them.. They will always get dirty.

Polish a turd- Alter something that can never be forgotten.
by GordoTheGreek June 01, 2016
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