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To attempt to put a positive spin or light on something that is clearly shit.
Polish the turd all you want- that movie still sucks.
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
When guys get together and tell annoying/weird/funny stories about their girlfriends.
"She was still pissed about something I said in my sleep 6 weeks ago"
"Dem Crazy Bitches!"
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
A nobody, a nebbish. A completely boring and unmemorable person.

From an indy comic book of the same name.
Just another Mister Blank I knew in high school.
by MaHaBone January 28, 2004
The sweet dessert of blasphemy, usually enjoyed by the throughly hell-bound.

(created from the act of raping Gad anally)
Fuck it. I'm going to hell anyway. May as well enjoy the God Fudge.
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
abrv. of caffiene
I need some sweet caffie before I can start my day.
by MaHaBone January 28, 2004
To go take an unnecessry piss just because you may not get another chane to for a long time. Usually on road trips or before long movies.
Since they were waiting at the rest stop, he squeezed the sponge.
by MaHaBone January 28, 2004
From UT
To mindless blast at doorways, openinsg and portals, hoping to get lucky and frag some poor fuck. A noob tactic.
That little shitbag caught 39 frags just by hole spamming
by MaHaBone January 29, 2004
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