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A country where the police watch what you do and try to control your life. Where there's cameras in town centres and on public transport. Where you can be arrested because of something you said to a friend about the leaders of your country. Where police stop and search people for no reason. Where you can be detained without charge or trial. Where the state plants bugs with impunity. Where protesters have to get police permits, and where police regularly attack protesters.

Hang on. That sounds like America and Britain today!
Smash all police states! Down with Patriot Act, ASBOs, CCTV, ID cards, biometrics, no fly lists, Terrorism Act, Gitmo, Belmarsh, Public Order Act, and Nazi bastard politicians and pigs!
by Andy August 06, 2004
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What America is becoming, thanks to the US PATRIOT act, whos name is pretty ironic.
- Authoritarian Republican
by Potato Reborn March 04, 2004
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America, post 9/11 and hence a definitive hypocrisy
'Police state? Amrica, after the Patriot Act, which was written BEFORE 9/11 and which was always intended to be the 1984 bill
by evelyn waughfare November 26, 2003
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