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A word used from Brunei to define a person who doesn't know how to spell thing/ doesn't know how to speak proper english/ someone who acts fake to get attention.
someone who is too arrogant to take off the 'z' and 'x' from any word.

p/s: if youre not a poklen, you'll maybe spell everything in complete words.
Oh MaIixXxX GoDz!!! i LuFfZzZzz YoUhXxX!


fuck off, poklen.

by laalow February 24, 2009
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Screw all other fucking definitions. This is the right one. Well for all of you know, poklen is a word used in Brunei. People think they're so cool and getting a lot of attention from others. Well think again, you're not cool and it is a disgrace for using such worthless, grammar error and uneducated words.

As I'm saying, most poklens now have invaded facebook and twitter. How to recognize poklens in facebook? Easy, they are using undesirable profile name such like "Doubleonezerosix" "Nineteenzerothree" "thedeathcore" "SiiSayankku" "Tigapuluhribuantahsampai'mana" "Aku Sii Manja", naming a group like "Crowzz'X, " and whatever shits like that so on and forth. And also, they always post their status such as "Like eh my dp gengz" "aku tau aku bida or it means I know i'm ugly" like seriouly kid? If it's ugly, why are you posting it?

Some words that are used in poklen conversations are;

Sayang - sayank
Tu - toh
So - cho
Haha - ahakz
Miss - mishhh
like - loike

And so on. If you're not a poklen, you may recognize them more.

p.s; "Wort" is not a poklen word. "Wort" is an Australian accent.
Human 1: "Hey do you know this guy/girl: insert name Sii'PunaiAyam from facebook?

Human 2: "Oh! That person, he's/she's such a poklen. He/She always type me with the Z's and X's at every end of the letter. Last night he/she texted me "Aku sayank ia tohzz. Ehekzz"

Human 1: "Ew. What a sore lozer. As if he's/she's speaking like russian people with saliva raining in the air, spitting on the face.

Human 2: "I know right, so disgusting. Gonna unfriend him/her. Catch you later!"
by thissoawesome November 22, 2011
Poklen is a Bruneian word. Poklen is usually people from the water village of Brunei-Muara. They are usually teenagers. They act cool, and all shit. But they're not. They're fake to get attention. But what makes them famous in Brunei is the way they type or talk. And they also start to create groups and shit.
X: Yaw. Jalan eyh. Ahakz! I loike toh! VOIE KO ANIE. EHEKZ EHEKZ.
Y: Poklen kau ani eh.

More words:
Palui - Falui
Behapa - Vehapa
Bye - Vye
Haha - Ahaks
Hehe - Eheks
Tu - Toh
Like - Loike
Miss - Mish
So - Cho

And more.
by gwai-lo December 15, 2010
1. (Usually) a noun to describe teens (normally from Brunei) whom stylize written English / Malay in ridiculous ways; have numbers or ludicrous fake names as their Facebook display name; form cliques or groups with absurd names on Facebook; normally dress in coloured skinny jeans, usually along with plaid shirts; think they are cool but just plainly are not. A Poklen with proper grammar is absolutely rare.

2. An adjective to describe one who acts like a Poklen.
1. (i) Hi do u wantz to go to the maaaalllz? ahax ahax

(ii) *On Facebook*: <Name> Fivesixthree

(iii) *On Facebook* : <Name> iheartdropdead

2. X: "Eyh, cemana kan neee? Voie kau ani eyh! Sasax ku eyh!"

Y: "Poklen eh."
by byeolida November 06, 2011

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