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To furiously prod ones self in the anus with one finger whilst masturbationg visciously at the same time
Son, why does your duvet smell of poo and sex wee? have you been having one of your pokey bum wanks again?
by Dave September 16, 2003
One who stimulates/fingers their bottom hole whilst masturbating.
Jack got so turned on by “Transsexual Heartbreakers Vol 2” he had to drop his trousers and have a pokey bum wank.
by MisterLee October 07, 2003
The insertion of your finger or object into your rectum whilst masturbating, to increase pleasure
" I'm for a pokey bum wank tonight "
by ayrshire pedro September 09, 2008
One who pleasures themselves with fingers up the rectum, while masterbating vigorously.
What is John up to tonight?

He is having a night to himself tonight, so he said he was going to have a pokey bum wank.
by Daneye0113 January 06, 2010
The art of poking ones bum to simulate the male g-spot while performing the art of wanking (Male masturbation).
'He totally is going for a pokeybumwank.'
'I did a pokeybumwank last night and it was the hardest I'd ever cum'
by SJIsCool March 27, 2010
The art of inserting one's finger in and out of one's nought(anus) rapidly during masturbation. niiiiice.
Dyl regularly enjoyed a pokey bum wank while watching youPorn after work.
by PokeyMassiv October 24, 2008
To sexually exite yourself until you reach a climax via ones bum hole
"Can you smell that?"
"Andys Having an other one of his pokey bum wanks"
by Andys Mom June 01, 2007
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