A bag (as in something to hold groceries), usually small.

A sack, a baggie, a brown bag, paper or plastic?
I gotta poke full o' weed, yo!
by ButtFuzz May 24, 2004
a bag or sack of sorts holding mistly goods.

The term is oft' used in Appalachian English in between-local-folk settings.
I got a poke of candy down at the corner store

You put the cat in the poke.

When I was a kid, I used to walk twenty miles to the store to bring a poke of flaer home.
by Regulus Pistor January 25, 2014
The way you can kill someone if they are in godmode.
When Mike was in Godmode, i poked him in the belly and he died
by MIKEGETPOKED December 06, 2010
To go smoke with some freinds or by yourself
usualy said when not wanting anyone to know what your talking about or for short
and its just a fun word to say
you:"Im tired of this shit you wanna go poke"
bud:"yeah man i havent in a while"
some guy" POKE!! poke poke poke"
by A-Tom February 23, 2006
(Archaic)A small wallet or purse to carry coins. Some times used in conjunction with a reticule.
The women of the 1890's often carried thier money in a small poke which was built into their reticules (purses).
by Dennis James Perry October 03, 2003
a prefix added to the beginning of a word to make it Pokémon related
Poképuns, Pokémemes, Pokésexual, Pokésex, Poképorn, Pokéball, all these words became Pokémon related by adding Poké to them
by Arceus777 January 31, 2015
Poke is to describe someone that has no clue on urban culture and attitudes. It is used to describe their actions, words and general behavour. It can also be used to describe a group of people or a situation.

It is often refured to as the opersite attitude to ghetto.
Your bear POKE!

Stop speaking POKE!

You POKE pie!

Manz bars are bear POKE

This party is POKE

Your gyal is POKE

Its nuff POKE here
by O-Z April 27, 2011
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