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3 definitions by pawninthemachine

A symbol of American commercial culture that non-Americans (especially Euros) have seized upon with very annoying frequency. You don't have to like Mcd's, but the persistence with which Euros pound on this one cliche' has rendered it meaningless, to where they appear not to really understand why they're mentioning; it's just the rote anti-American thing to say.
by pawninthemachine August 05, 2003
I'll quote the late great Paul Lynde from the original Hollywood Squares:

Peter Marshall: Paul, we've all heard the expression 'a pig in a poke'. What is a poke?

Paul Lynde: It's when you're not really in love.
by pawninthemachine August 06, 2003
Northernmost estado of Mexico, soon to be known as Alta California (as opposed to Baja).
by pawninthemachine August 30, 2003